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From Beethoven's original sources to contemporary music.

As a professor, I am particularly interested in promoting the artistic freedom of my students and teaching them the tools to logically analyse musical works. In the following, I would like to explain my teaching approach on the basis of two problems that I have been able to identify over the years with my students. These are inaccurate reading and analysis of the score, and methodology of practice.

Concert performance students need to be very aware of "where" the problem is in the score and "what" the problem is. This is the first starting point of my teaching, and here I fully engage with my students without offering my own interpretation as "the solution". I see it as my job to help students in a way that is as coherent as possible with their own personal choices and interpretations of the score. Part of my work also involves explaining how best to practise, as most students are not yet able to do this effectively during their musical journey.

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